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Haider Consulting is Here for You

Why outsource out of state, when there are cyber security professionals right here in the heart of New Mexico? We love our state, and we believe our local businesses shouldn’t have to settle for sub-par cyber security.

What makes us different?

Here are just a few of the key benefits of working with Haider Consulting!

Cyber Security Specialists

Haider Consulting is based in New Mexico and has specialized in Cyber Security since 2007. We know our industry, but we also know our state, and we're committed to keeping your business safe from hackers.

Third Party Assessments

We partner with a third-party firm to run our FTC Safeguards Assessments. This allows us to run a select number of these every month, and makes sure there's never a conflict of interest in your cyber security team.

Cyber Security Certified Staff

We are one of the only businesses in New Mexico to have certified Cyber Security Professionals in-house, so you can rest assured you're getting great support from top professionals every step of the way!

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