T-Mobile Data Breach Affects 2 Million Customers

Last week, we learned about a T-Mobile Data Breach affecting around 2 million of their customers. The company announced the breach last Thursday, but still has not provided many more details. Fortunately, the lost data didn’t include credit card numbers or SSNs, but the crooks may have stolen passwords. Here’s what we know.


When did this T-Mobile data breach happen?

Though we do not know when hackers got access, we know T-Mobile discovered it on August 20th. T-Mobile believes the breach occurred on the same day they found it. In any case, it seems that they caught it fairly early on, because crooks only stole data on 3% of their 77 million customers. They also thankfully caught it and notified customers very quickly, to their credit.


Who does the T-Mobile data breach affect?

T-Mobile still hasn’t disclosed specifics, but they did say it was around 3% of their customer base. That still equates to around 2 million people, which is no small number.

If you’re wondering if you’re one of those 2 million people, it should be easy enough to find out. By now, T-Mobile has already notified the affected customers via text message, so if you didn’t get one, you are in the clear.


What was lost in the T-Mobile data breach?

We know for sure that the cyber criminals stole at least some personal info. This may include names, zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers, and whether or not you prepay. It appears credit card numbers and SSNs are safe, but crooks may have passwords.

T-Mobile released additional info to Motherboard for their article stating that hackers stole passwords, but that they encrypted the passwords. So in theory, the hackers should not be able to use them. But in practice, we know that you can break encryption, given enough time and effort.

Because of this, if T-Mobile notified you of the breach, we recommend changing your password. Assume that hackers have it, and act accordingly.


How do I find out about future breaches and security issues?

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