Cybersecurity is always changing, with new risks, tech, and chances popping up all the time. As 2024 goes on, it’s important for all kinds of businesses to know about the cyber threats they might face now and in the future, and to prepare for them.

It’s crucial to stay up-to-date to protect online information. The world of cybersecurity is about to see some big shifts, thanks to new tech coming out, threats that keep changing, and the way things are moving around the world.

Let’s take a look at some major cybersecurity forecasts for 2024 that you should keep in mind.

1. AI: Good and Bad for Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a big help in cybersecurity, making it easier to find, respond to, and stop threats quickly and accurately. However, AI also brings new problems like bad AI tricks, weak spots that can be attacked, and false information.

For example, the bad guys are using chatbots and other AI tools to create:

  • Real-looking scam emails
  • Fake news stories
  • Videos that aren’t real

These fake items can trick or influence users. To deal with this, organizations will need strong security measures. They should also keep a close eye on their AI systems and involve humans in the decision-making process. By doing this, they can reduce these dangers and make the most out of AI for a safer future.

2. Quantum Computing: A Future Security Challenge

Quantum computing isn’t fully developed yet, but it’s already a concern for how we keep data safe.

These super-fast computers could crack the codes we currently use to secure data, whether it’s being sent or stored. This includes things like online banking details.

To get ready for this, organizations should first figure out where they might be at risk. Then, they should start using technologies that quantum computers can’t break and build systems that are safe against quantum threats.

3. More Hacktivism Expected

Hacktivism is when people use hacking to support political or social causes, like fighting corruption or injustice. The problem is, it’s up to the hackers to determine what is unjust and what is not.

Although it’s been around for a while, we might see more hacktivism in 2024, especially during big events like the Paris Olympics or the U.S. Presidential Election, or because of political tensions.

Hackers might go after groups they disagree with, such as governments, big companies, or news outlets, disrupting their work, leaking private info, or messing with their websites.

To stay safe, organizations need to be ready for these kinds of attacks by protecting their online spaces and their reputation carefully.

4. Ransomware Continues to Be a Big Problem

Ransomware is a harmful software that locks away a person’s or organization’s data and asks for money to unlock it. This kind of cyberattack has caused a lot of trouble in recent years.

In fact, in 2023, ransomware attacks went up by over 95% compared to the year before.

We expect even more ransomware attacks in 2024 because attackers are constantly coming up with new methods, types of ransomware, and choosing new targets. They might use AI to make their attacks harder to spot and to ask for money in more specific ways.

Attackers could also go after cloud-based services, gadgets connected to the internet, or systems used in factories, leading to bigger problems. To fight this, organizations need to be ready with strong plans to prevent and respond to ransomware. This includes:

  • Regularly saving copies of important data
  • Updating their software and systems quickly
  • Using trusted email and internet filters
  • Teaching their staff how to spot and avoid scam emails

5. The Growing Role of Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance helps pay for the damage from cyberattacks. It’s becoming more common and necessary because cyberattacks are happening more often and are getting more expensive.

This insurance can make it easier for companies to handle and recover from cyber problems. It can cover money lost, provide legal assistance, or offer tech support.

However, cyber insurance can also push companies to improve their security. Insurance companies might ask their clients to follow certain security rules or standards. Companies will need to think about the pros and cons of getting cyber insurance and make sure they meet their insurance provider’s requirements.

Take Action on Cyber Security: Get an Assessment

The world of cybersecurity is always changing, with new threats popping up all the time. Businesses and people need to be ready and stay ahead by using the latest tech, training their teams, and keeping up with laws.

Make sure you have a strong cybersecurity plan that takes into account what might happen in the future. This will keep you safe and alert as you use digital technologies.

If you need help making sure your digital world is safe and secure for the long haul, get in touch with us to set up a cybersecurity check.

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